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the only valentine’s day cards i’ll accept


Anonymous: You always talk on your podcasts about how you take these long drives to clear your mind. Can you elaborate on that?


Yeah, I always take long drives when my head starts to get clouded with a bunch of different things. I’m actually going to take one in a few minutes lol. I just think humans are really good at distracting themselves from their problems. Some people turn to music, others to alcohol, and some people just choose to ignore certain things. I’ve tried a few of those methods but the only one that really helps me is just dealing with whatever I have going on straight up. You can find temporary happiness in certain things but once those fade, you still have to deal with your problems.

It’s also hard to deal with your own problems when you’re constantly in other people’s lives wether you like it or not. You can thank Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook for that. You want my advice? Take 2 hours and shut your phone off and just be alone with your thoughts. Think about everything. Sort it out with yourself. You should feel better afterwards. But hey, everyone has their own ways of doing things. That’s just mine. Just know that some problems have an easier solution than you think. Do what’s best for you.